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CVOnThe.netAs its name suggests, CV On The Net is a career advancement tool. This site will let you have a resume created and hosted on the World Wide Web for recruiters and employers to find you out.


Such a service is provided at no cost, and the resume that you are creating will actually be hosted on a personalized domain. That is, you will have a unique address that is generated by adding your name to the end of

There are lots of different resume templates to choose from, each conveying a professional identity of its very own. There is really no need to go into what can and cannot be included on the actual resumes that you can create through the site. You can list all the degrees that you have got, the languages that you have mastered, your previous work experience… anything that can be included on a printed resume can be listed here.

And future incarnations of CV On The Net might introduce some paid features along with support for languages other than English. In Their Own Words

Create your CV on your own address.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be specially valuable to young people who are trying to get their first jobs.

Some Questions About

Which paid features are planned?


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