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Cuevox.comThose who run appointment-based businesses have learnt to live with no-shows. It is all part of the deal to them. They feel that complaining about a client or two that did not show up would be like complaining that The Walking Dead is full of zombies. Still, each and every client who fails to show his face is money that is being lost. And it would be great to be able to do something about it.

And you know, it turns out something can be done to ensure that clients who have made an appointment are going to come down in time. Cuevox is one of the many available applications that can be employed to remind clients about their forthcoming appointments. And it is a really simple app to use, it must be said.

All you have to do is set down all the appointment that have to be honored by your clients, and then the application will take care of following up on these. Your clients will be reminded of what they have to do via SMS, email and also by phone if you want to.

In this way, you will be assured that no timeslot will ever be wasted on people who fail to show up. And at the end of the month, you will find an income where no income previously was. In Their Own Words

Have you ever considered how much a missed appointment costs you? If you work in an appointment based business such as a clinic or spa, then you know that every missed appointment is a missed sale. Keeping your schedule full and minimizing your no shows is critical to increase your revenue. Unfortunately, not all your clients will remember to cancel their appointments and you are left waiting with a gap in your schedule and a lost sale. If you could spare the time you would followup with each customer, but you can not because your time is better spent on serving your customers.

Cuevox was created to solve your problem. Schedule your appointments in the calendar, enter your customer information and go back to your customers. Cuevox will remind your customers about their appointments by phone, text message or email.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that ensures a lesser number of missed appointments is a good application in itself.

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In which other ways can customers be contacted?

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