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CSSLoad.netThis is only going to be of interest to programmers, but the fact there aren’t that many sites letting you do what lets you do is enough to make it worthy of inclusion on KillerStartups today. This tool lets you create CSS preloaders, and have them previewed right on your browser. All you have to do is to select a CSS animation template from the eight that are provided, choose the two colors you want the preloader to have and then pick both a size and a speed for the preloader itself to spin.


That will be it. You’ll be able to click on the “Generate Preview” button to see how would it all work in practice, and if the results are indeed good then merely clicking where it reads “Get Code” will let you get the code snippet you should use to have the spinner or bar you’ve devised actually implemented.

And if you’re unsure whether the browser you intend to work with supports CSS animations, don’t worry. You’ll be able to figure that out by checking the browser-by-browser list that is provided, and also by giving the featured live demo a whirl. In Their Own Words

Loading CSS spinners and bars generator for AJAX & JQuery.

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Why do so few browsers support CSS animations?


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