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CrowdVox.comCrowdVox is a script that anybody can use in order to build a community review website, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficacy. The aim of this script is to let even people who are not programmers build up sites that can be engaging for as wide an audience as possible.


If you decide to try CrowdVox and use it to build your own site, you will be able to employ many advanced modules, apply content filters and even include ads in your every page if that is what you want.

The reviews themselves can include multiple star ratings, and you can arrange to have the best of the best displayed on your homepage. Of course, reviews can actually be categorized, and you (as the creator of the site) can determine the way in which people will be able to look them up afterwards. And the dashboard that is provided will let you see exactly in which ways visitors are assimilating your content, and do all that is needed in order to have a more engaging website. In Their Own Words

Start your own community review website in minutes!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it can let anybody come up with an entirely professional website, without needing to be a programmer at all.

Some Questions About

Which kind of ads can you exactly place on such sites?


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