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Cronote.comThe Internet makes it easy for even the most forgetful of people to be reminded about the kind of tasks and activities that if neglected can end up having unforeseen consequences, such as having an argument with a coworker over a call that was meant to be made, or causing a row with the missus over forgetting to pick the kids after school. These are the kind of things that can easily escalate into something really, really unpleasant. And they can be completely avoided using an app like Cronote.


Cronote lets you schedule text messages to be sent in the future. This means that you can create a SMS today that will be sent in one week’s time, reminding any person to do anything. This can be put both to personal and professional uses, and the idea is to let even those who’re really busy carry on with their lives without ever running the risk of making any kind of omission.

And in addition to letting you set down SMS messages, Cronote can be used to create and deliver email reminders. The service is free in all cases, and an iPhone app is meant to be released in December of this year. In Their Own Words

Cronote is a quick and easy way to schedule email and SMS reminders.

Some Questions About

Can you schedule multiple reminders at the same time? To how many people can you have them delivered at once?


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