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Crofflr.comIf you own a Kindle and you want to maximize what little spare time you have, then a service like Crofflr is all you need in order to begin making that aim come true. We can define it as an ebook delivery system that can go through your favorite reading lists and find all the unread articles you have there. Then, it can convert all that it has found into Kindle-compatible lists upon which to base book deliveries. These deliveries will take place on a weekly basis.


This service is provided in exchange for a one-off fee (currently $ 5), and so far two different reading lists are supported: Pinboard and Read It Later. The application can successfully mix and merge articles found on both lists, and also perform some operations such as filtering articles both by tags and by word count. If you decide to use this service, keep in mind that Amazon charges for transfers via 3G, and that these fees are not covered by the $ 5 fee you pay when signing up for Crofflr. And bear in mind that the transfer of personal documents is not available in all countries, too. In Their Own Words

Crofflr specializes in automated wireless ebook deliveries from your favourite reading list directly to your Kindle.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should let you make sense of your reading lists in a much faster way – you will be saved the hassle of going through items manually in order to realize what you are still to read.

Some Questions About

What else is this service good for?


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