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Cosanote.comCosanote is a documentation system for your home and your property. Using this site you will be able to keep everything fully organized and ordered, so that if you ever need to look for the documents that are needed to support a claim of any nature you will find them straightaway.


A system like Cosanote will also make maintenance and overall upgrades a much easier proposition. Just think about it, such a system implies that you will be able to keep track of model numbers, paint colors and filter sizes. What’s more, you will be capable of keeping a detailed registry of those who have rendered maintenance services to you in the past, and which products did they use. You can even rate each provider, so picking one shouldn’t be a problem even if a long time has passed since you first hired them.

Ultimately, a service like Cosanote will empower you to take care of your property in a more thorough way, and ensure that its useful life will be extended as much as possible. And the fact that Cosanote is a free application just makes it all the more recommendable. In Their Own Words

“Keep track of what’s important.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Homeowners couldn’t ask for more – it simplifies looking after their properties to no end.

Some Questions About

What else can you document through such a service?


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