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ContentAide.comContentAide is a new marketing tool that will let businesses owners connect with customers in a far more meaningful way. What this app does it to generate a small report with the most popular brand-related content from the past 24 hours on Facebook, and have it delivered straight to punters.


They will receive it first thing in the morning, day after day. These stories that have been more commented and liked will be highlighted, and people will have a ready-made set of topics for conversation when they are on Facebook and Twitter later that same day.

In this way, business owners, media agencies and just any entity that is in charge of posting daily updates will get the job done for them, and in a more-than-acceptable fashion at that. The summaries that ContentAide generates are actually the result of a detailed customization process, and the focus is kept firmly on what makes any brand unique. Try it out – a free evaluation can be started whenever you want, and it can last as long as 15 days. In Their Own Words

ContentAide monitors, qualifies and delivers relevant content that will attract and retain loyal Facebook fans.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for delivering content which is appealing both to new and old fans of any brand.

Some Questions About

How many new fans can you win with something like this? How many will really stick around for long?


Author : Roger Hollings

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