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Compass-Style.orgWhen it comes to finding data about stylesheets there are different sites you can find on the internet with useful information on how to build them in a simple way. On these sites you can also find data about how to create useful mark-ups right away.

As you might already know, it is essential that you can maintain your stylesheets totally uncomplicated. That is why this website seems to be a good place for you to find a service that provides you with you both, effectiveness and simplicity when it comes to having your stylesheets and mark-ups done.

Compass can be actually defined as a stylesheet authoring framework you can use in order to write your stylesheets in Sass as a replacement for of CSS. This attractive and practical solution was entirely developed with the purpose of providing users with high quality breed CSS frameworks that can be used simply by following clear instructions. When it comes to changing the way of thinking about stylesheets this could be a good alternative for you to bear in mind.

In case you are a designer and you want to contribute with this solution’s development this site is a place where you can feel free to share as many designs as you want in a semantic and customizable way. In conclusion, an effective solution that will optimize the way many users work when they create their stylesheets and mark-ups. In Their Own Words

“Compass is a stylesheet authoring framework that makes your stylesheets and markup easier to build and maintain.”

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