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CompareNinja.comNo marketing campaign is complete without a table in which you bash all of your competitors on the head, and state that your product is light years ahead of theirs. Adding a big, blood-red cross underneath their names in every column is nothing short of delicious. And from now on, it’s also something that you’ll be able to do without even having to hire the services of a designer to get the table ready. Compare Ninja is a web platform for the creation of comparison tables, in a way that’s completely free of anything that could be deemed as technical, or even difficult for that matter.


It’s all done using a clever interface, with you creating all the columns to be used, and then adding the values or concepts that are to be compared and contrasted. And once your table’s ready, then you’ll be able to embed it on your site by using the provided HTML/CSS code. And you’ll also get to share it on your Facebook account. Wherever any potential customer could see it is supported.

As a service, Compare Ninja is completely free. Once you’ve signed up for an account you’ll be able to build as many tables as you need, and also to have them edited on the spot. In Their Own Words

Create beautiful HTML & CSS comparison tables with Compare Ninja.

Some Questions About

Will the service always remain free to use? Or will some paid features be added later on?


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