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Comoto.comLetting people who have never put together a resume in their lives before get it right the very first time around is the objective of Comoto. This company provides everything from templates and tips to an extensive how-to guides detailing what to do and what to refrain from when creating resumes the first time around. And the creation process is accelerated to no end since users can import their data from their LinkedIn profiles in order to accelerate everything. Obviously, someone who has a LinkedIn account is someone who knows how to assemble a resume. But Comoto is every bit as useful for them in the sense that it will let them do all these things they know should be done automatically.

In all cases, once they have been created resumes are hosted online for all to see. If that is what the user wants, that is – the person who creates a resume can set down its actual privacy, and make only parts of it available to the general public if that is what he wishes to do.

Sounds good to you? Well, you can sign up for free. And note that in addition to being available in English, Comoto is available in lots of other languages like Spanish, German and Portuguese. In Their Own Words

Take full control of your CV.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to have a resume created and hosted online.

Some Questions About

How does it fare when pitched against other sites that let you create and host resumes online?

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