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Commitie.comWhat better time for an application like Commitie to be released than January, the month in which we all start trying to come to grips with all our New Year resolutions? Well, Commitie is here to provide as much focus and determination as anybody could need to make each and every single resolution happen.


Users of Commitie are enabled to pick these habits that they need help instilling, and then the application will let them track the way that they are progressing. Users are actually asked to log in the relevant data manually, and then Commitie will be able to graph everything out for them. And when the time comes, they will also be enabled to see reports highlighting how well-headed (or not) they are.

In the end, it is obvious that the one who can really make a resolution come true are you and only you. But we all need a helping hand at times. Commitie offers that: some assistance towards achieving your goals. It is not going to make you instantly get fit or stop smoking. But it will most likely help you get motivated. And that is a good start indeed. In Their Own Words

A fun way to track and improve your habits.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can provide those who need to get motivated with all the fire they could ever need.

Some Questions About

How is this better than applications that do something comparable?


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