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Colorspire.comI know, I know, this is a tool that by its mere nature can only appeal to designers. But is such a well-designed tool (with the focus being clearly kept on usability above everything else) that it would be unfair not to feature it. In general, what Colorspire can do islet designers arrive at the best color schemes and combinations by experimenting with different base colors and webpage layouts. They will be able to click on the base color they feel like working with on a large palette, and then have that selection refined by applying any of multiple filters that will let them brighten ,darken and saturate it.


Then, by using the provided page layout tool you will be able to determine how such combinations would really look when applied to the site you are designing. If there is anything that would feel out of place or be an outright eyesore then you will get to know it on the spot, and do something about it before actually submitting anything to your client. In Their Own Words

Create color schemes, test color combinations.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let designers save a far from negligible amount of time when doing their work.

Some Questions About

In which direction is this application headed? Which improvements are forthcoming?


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