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CollegePackingList.comAttending College might as well provide you with some of the most memorable years of your life. That will obviously depend on how much you enjoy the whole experience, and one thing is for certain – you will enjoy it more if it all starts on a positive note. If the process of moving into your new dorm is a smooth one, then everything will be off to a good start. And letting you ensure that such a process goes as intended is what this web tool is here for.

The College Packing List website provides students-to-be with an online checklist that they can use to verify they are effectively bringing all the items they should be bringing with them when they move into their dorm rooms. The site actually subdivides them in multiple categories such as Kitchen, Classroom, Bathroom, Dorm and Clothing.

And the site lets students do more than merely checking these items that they are carrying with them – it actually lets them buy them online. A shopping cart is provided for them to get down to buying what they are missing right as they are making their lists. In Their Own Words

Your College checklist.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should let imminent College students ensure they are getting off to a good start when the time to leave their homes comes.

Some Questions About

Is this the first site of its kind? Or was it inspired by another site?

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