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Codeita.comBased on the cloud, Codeita is a web development suite that lets any coder work on projects that are to be published on his own server. Codeita can be used for brainstorming and coding, as well as for fully communicating with collaborators.


Such a platform eliminates the hassle of having to sync a laptop with a desktop, as everything is accessible from everywhere, and nothing has to be backed up manually either.

Some of Codeita’s most notable features include the ability to share projects with whomever you want, and highlight all the bits of code that you wish. These are things that go hand in hand as far as collaborating with others is concerned, obviously, and the ability to edit text both live and locally also makes things easier on you and any other person who might be working with you.

Besides, you can send outgoing e-mails and previews of project files anytime you want, so you will be able to know that everything is in its right place, at the right time. For more information check out the site – accounts are created at no cost. In Their Own Words

“Codeita is a powerful, easy to use, cloud-based web development app.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are into programming will find it a valid way to code and share what they are doing – it is free and flexible.

Some Questions About

How is this project headed? What is set to change?


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