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Cobot.mePresented by Upstream – Agile (a German company), Cobot is a tool that has been devised for the management of coworking spaces in any office or organization. The idea is to provide those in charge with a tool that effectively reduces the costs of running such a workspace, and maximizing it at the very same time.

Some of the tasks made possible through this tool include reporting on turnover and occupancy and the actual delivery of information to coworkers. For example, you can spread information such as how to use that new and fancy printer without blowing it up in the process. Moreover, newcomers can learn all about common concerns such as how much a coffee costs and so on.

Besides, day to day problems can be placed in the right context and be hopefully solved. For example, anything that has to do with WiFi dropouts, the replacing of lightbulbs and the running of equipment on the whole can be handled very smoothly.

This is all achieved via a precise dashboard that lets you see who is where, and doing what. When you sign up you receive your own website under a .cobot subdomain and then your coworkers are directed to it. In Their Own Words

“Managing coworking spaces.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It tackles every recurrent concern that those who have to manage a coworking space have to face daily.

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