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Coachulous.comThis is a new application that will make the lives of coaches so much easier. In general, they will be able to send and track training schedules with all the athletes they work with. All this information becomes centralized, and the coaches will be able to access it via a convenient dashboard. Athlete-specific data can be visualized at once, and the provided graphs will make it very easy for the coach to determine these areas that are calling for attention.


Additionally, Coachulous makes it very easy to send bills and record payments once they are received. A simple billing interface sees to that. And it is also possible to send out reminders when money is overdue.

Three different plans are provided: Solo, Pro and Empire. The differences? The number of athletes that can be managed (5, 20 and 50), and the actual storage that is provided (1 GB, 2 GB and 5 GB). All plans can be tried for free during 30 days, and they can be upgraded/downgraded as you go along. In Their Own Words

Client athlete management software for coaches.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very easy for coaches to track the progress of their athletes, and assist them at every step of the process.

Some Questions About

Which other advantages have the most expensive plans got?


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