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Cloudways.comSetting up your own cloud infrastructure is difficult when you are a small startup, and your money and human resources are already limited. You could try to do it yourself, and you might get everything in place. Yet, whenever things start not working in the middle of the night you’ll start crawling the walls. It’s much better to go for the services of a company like Cloudways from the very beginning, and save yourself all the headaches.


Cloudways is a company that can migrate all your data to the cloud, and then help you manage everything from that point onwards. The company can keep an alert eye on your whole cloud infrastructure, so that if anything breaks down it’ll be fixed before anybody notices and has a reason to complain on Twitter or Facebook about your service being unreliable.

And in addition to migrating your data and then monitoring and controlling it, Cloudways provides backup and recovery services. The company can let you get all of your files back if anything catastrophic ever happens to them.

In order to register for Cloudways, you have to sign up for an account with Amazon or ElasticHosts first. The company works only with these cloud providers, for the simple reason they are the most trustworthy ones. Both Amazon and ElasticHosts accounts can be created for free. In Their Own Words

Cloudways can help you build a solution from cloud to dedicated to in-between for the most common business uses.

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Can the company also help those who had started migrating their data themselves, only to find it was more that they could really handle halfway?


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