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Clientr.comThe suitably-named Clientr is an application that small teams can use in order to keep track of their clients. This web-based app will let such teams keep an eye on each individual client, and both pending and active deals can be monitored at all times.

Everything is arranged in different projects, and the way a project has evolved over time is analyzable at a glance – you get to see how the project started, and all the information that has been recorded as regards that client in one fell swoop.

Besides, using this application is something entirely intuitive if only because most operations are performed in a drag and drop fashion. For example, if you want to reorder your projects and give any of them more priority it is a mere matter of rearranging the pertinent ones with your mouse.

There are currently two paid plans available – one enables you to have 10 active deals and 3 team members at once, whereas the other is limitless – you can have as many deals and clients as you fancy. And it goes without saying that a free trial is provided. In this particular case, it amounts to 14 days. In Their Own Words

“Crazy simple client tracking for small teams.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let small teams take care of a pivotal concern in a way that has clearly been developed to tailor their specific needs.

Some Questions About

Will more plans be added in the future, or is pricing staying as it is right now?

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