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Chrift.comA site that provides personalized gift recommendations, is all you need to figure out what to get for your friends or family this Christmas. Chrift takes the guesswork out of buying presents by analyzing the Facebook profile of any person you’ve got to buy a gift for. Chrift can quickly figure out anybody’s likes and interests, and create a personalized list of Christmas gift recommendations.


From the above, you can realize that Chrift is a Facebook-connected service. You use your Facebook account to give the application access to the profiles of the people you have to get a gift for this 25th of December.

And Chrift is available in lots of different countries. In addition to being usable by people in the US, Canada and the UK those who are in Australia, France, Italy and Japan will be able to get personalized gift recommendations for this Christmas.

A service that comes at the right time, has really made me think of As its name implies, that one lets you build your own Christmas lists and have them shared with whomever you want. This is what I had to say about when I reviewed it, just a couple of days ago. In Their Own Words

If you can’t think of what to buy your friends or family for Christmas, Chrift is the perfect solution!

Some Questions About

What about providing discounts and coupons for online retailers where these items which are recommended can be bought?


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