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ChowPow.comChowPow is a new resource that makes it very easy for anybody to monitor the way he is eating, and realize how healthy his habits really are. The site works by having users photograph these things they are eating, and sending their images in.


And once they become displayed on the site, the fun can begin in earnest. Others will be able to comment on what was uploaded, and compliment/rebuke the one who has uploaded the picture itself. Of course, they will also be able to comment on the actual venue that serves such food in the event the dish itself looks heinous. It is all possible, and that is what makes ChowPow so much fun to use in the end.

So, this is a site that champions a social approach to eating. It is not the first, of course, but everything is done so naturally that it might as well keep a fair share of people interested. Check it now and see if that applies to you. In Their Own Words

Watch the food you eat. Literally.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for tracking eating habits all over the world, and figuring out how healthy you are eating yourself.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the interface be further improved? And the overall layout of the site?


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