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ChangeYourFlight.comExactly what its name says. This new service lets you get refunds on plane tickets that you suddenly realize you’re not going to use at all. To do this, you must enter your ticket by choosing your airline from a drop down menu, supply your booking code and your passenger name, and ask for it to be refunded. Your request will then be aggregated by the airline, and duly processed.


Leaving aside how useful something like this can turn out to be for people like you and me, a service like this is also really appealing to airlines. It goes into ensuring that the number of empty seats in flights will be kept as low as possible. allows airlines to offer a true flow of deals to people who are thinking of flying somewhere on short notice.

The site is available both in English and in Italian, and (for now) this service works only with Air One. Yet, many more airlines are meant to be supported before long. EasyJet, GermanWings, Wizz Air, Vueling… Change Your Flight aims to partner with all of these in order to provide travelers with a more comprehensive service, and to become more and more of a global startup. In Their Own Words

Partial refunds on plane tickets.

Some Questions About

How long will it be before companies like American Airlines are supported?


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