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ccLoop.comAs commonplace as it is, using email for collaborating with the different members of a team is not really an ideal scenario. There’s no way to ensure that everybody will read the messages that are being sent at the same time, for example. And it’s quite commonplace to forget CCing someone when sending out vital files, and having to resend messages. Which can put a serious spoke on productivity’s wheels, not to mention wear the patience of all the people who are part of the team.


Enter ccLoop. We can call it a smart mailing list builder. If you use it, you’ll be able to create a “loop” around any email address, and bring all the people being messaged into the same spot. All team members can be contacted at once by sending emails to that loop, and files can be shared intelligently. A web interface makes for accessing docs, images and videos with zero effort.

CcLoop is just one of many applications that make for maximizing what can be done with email. There’s plenty more to check if you like this service. Take SenderOK, for example. It’s yet another powerful tool for doing more with email inboxes, and a great place to begin your search for more email-based productivity tools. In Their Own Words

Smart mailing lists. For work or fun.

Some Questions About

Will email providers one day come with such functionalities by default? How likely is that to happen?


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