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CauseVox.comCauseVox is a fundraising platform that is specifically aimed at small and medium-sized nonprofits. What it does is to let them turn their every supporter into a fundraiser. That is, supporters can create fundraising pages of their own and invite their friends, family and colleague to make donations that will be put the way of these nonprofits.


And the true power of CauseVox lies in the fact that it is a completely customizable platform – the nonprofits will be able to white-label CauseVox, and come up with something of their very own. And it is a fact that people collaborate more when faced with branded pages. It makes everything look all the more reputable.

When all is said and done, the truth remains that small nonprofits are often held back by structural and technological barriers – the kind of barriers that only larger companies can overcome. CauseVox aims to do something about that, and level the playing field enough for small, inspired and idealistic teams to have a chance to succeed. That alone would make it a very worthy initiative, but the platform they have come up with is incredibly versatile and well-focused. So, CauseVox is commendable in more senses than one. In Their Own Words

CauseVox turns your supporters into fundraisers through an online platform that you can fully customize and make your own.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The approach is more than convenient – every supporter can be turned into a true fundraiser.

Some Questions About

Which are the fees that apply?


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