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CashierLive.comCashier Live is a point of sale software application that has the objective of letting companies manage everything from a centralized location, as well as letting them save money by cutting middlemen short and connecting to retailers directly. That is, this web-based app lets stores conduct transactions and manage their inventories and staff in a clean and understandable way while reducing operative costs.


A definitive asset of this system is that you can use the hardware that you already own – there is no need to buy additional equipment from the company to begin with. That is, you must check beforehand in order to determine if your cash drawers and receipt printers are already supported. If they are not, chances are these will be supported before too long. Alternatively, you can buy peripherals through the site in order to be up and running.

You can sign for a free account at the site, and you will be able to try Cashier Live for 30 days at no cost. Once this trial period finishes you will have the option to upgrade to any of the premium accounts on offer. These go by the names of “Basic”, “Plus” and “Chain”. In each and every case, unlimited transactions and staff are supported by default. In Their Own Words

“Cashier Live is a web based Point-of-Sale and retail management system. When you use Cashier Live at your store you can conduct transactions, manage your inventory, track sales, and much more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will empower anybody to run a store more efficiently, and cut unnecessary expenses short.

Some Questions About

Will other plans be eventually featured?


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