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Cascaad.comCascaad offers people a new way to experience the Social Web. The objective of this site is to let you become involved in relevant conversations only, and do so without having to look them up manually.

In practice, this is achieved by filtering all your streams, and bringing up these items that the application knows you are keen on because you have specified it beforehand.

These highlighted conversations become part of what are called “Topic Pages”, and these pages make tracking each and every discussion a much suppler task.

Besides, Cascaad can recommend new content for you based on these things that you like, and help you broaden your circle of contacts considerably in a way that is not only automated but also fully relevant.

As a service, Cascaad is accessible both via the Web and through an iPhone app that you can procure through the site. In both cases, signing up is inexpensive. And note that an API is already available for developers that want to explore the intricacies of this system themselves, and see how they can use it to beef up any application that they are assembling. In Their Own Words

“Cascaad gives you a whole new way to experience social streams through the lens of your personal interests and communities.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service makes for seamlessly finding relevant content on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

What else can this platform do?

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