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CarryNotes.comA web app that makes taking notes fast and easy, is sure to help you remember all that you’re learning, and also have it shared with your classmates and friends. This free service allows you to take notes just wherever you are. You can use CarryNotes at any conference, seminar or training session, and jot down what the speaker/instructor is saying. And then, manage everything online. You’ll be able to go through the notes you’ve taken in a lightning-fast way, and you’ll get to share them just as quickly.


This web tool can be used at zero cost, and there’s no learning curve to speak of. It’s all really intuitive. CarryNotes actually recommends content to you, so that you can always take your knowledge in the right direction. CarryNotes does that by looking at what you’ve been studying ever since you’ve picked the service up, and then pointing you to the kind of shared learning that would truly be a good match.

Plus, CarryNotes can create reports showing you how well you’re doing. What better way to become motivated, and keep pushing more and more? In Their Own Words

The best way to manage and track your learning’s for free.

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Isn’t the lack of a mobile app a major omission?


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