– Monitor Your House With A Webcam

Cammster.comSurveillance systems cost an arm and a leg, they necessitate you hire a professional to have them installed and they have to be kept properly once they have been set up. These are things that way too often lie beyond the grasp and means of ordinary people. But there are always those who find alternative (and cheaper) ways to get things done. And Cammster shows us that even something as costly and complex as having a surveillance system installed is something that can be overcome with imagination and inventiveness.

Essentially, Cammster is a service that turns webcams into surveillance cameras that you can use to have your house monitored at all times. The way this alarm system works, all you have to do is to leave your computer on with the camera pointed to the area you want to have secured, and keep the application running. When (and if) any movement is detected, Cammster will take a photo and send you an email/text message with a link to the photo itself.

Pretty cool, right? Well, it gets better – Cammster is a free service if all that you want to do is to receive motion alerts on your email. You are only billed if you want to receive SMS alerts. The cost is $ 1 per alert. In Their Own Words

Protect your place with a web-camera.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is cheaper than installing a surveillance camera, and every bit as effective.

Some Questions About

What about those who have pets? How are dogs and cats kept from interfering with this alarm system?