– Promote Yourself Using Social Media

CalTweet.comCalTweet (short for “Calendar Tweet”) is a new tool that aims to let the user create events and advertise them to the phenomenally huge userbase that the social web has by default.

As it stands, the system accommodates both Twitter and Facebook – the events that are created are promoted in these two social behemoths.

Followers can be invited just by clicking a button, and promotional tweets are sent out automatically up to four times per day. In this way, you don’t have to take manual care of contacting those you want on the guestlist. And speaking of automation, there is a feature whereby expected attendees are sent a reminder 12 and 6 hours prior to the event so that the turnout will be somehow guaranteed.

Of course, your followers can publicize the event by merely retweeting it and putting it about in Facebook.

In order to use CalTweet, you simply login using Twitter’s oAuth and create an event on the spot. The event is submitted both to your social profile and to your “My Calendar” page. As it was mentioned above, inviting others is a simple task – as simple as tweeting out, in fact. And that is a definitive plus. In Their Own Words

“Tool for online promotion via social media sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no better platform for promotion than the social web. This site just underlines such a fact.

Some Questions About

Can you add videos and pictures to the description of the event?