BugRocket.com – Track Bugs And Fix Them

BugRocket.comBug tracking software is often packed with features that most teams are not ever going to use, and which do nothing but murky waters that should be completely clear and transparent. A bug tracker should pinpoint what is wrong, and why. Extra features should come afterwards, and never stand in the way of actually solving what needs to be solved.

Such is the inspiration behind BugRocket. This new web-based bug tracker will let teams know all about these things that are wrong with any application they are developing, and it will do so using a simple interface and to-the-point reports. Users will be able to apply a straightforward ticketing system, and clearly tag all that needs to be done. They will also get to see a detailed history of all the steps that have already been taken.

Ultimately, that can but translate into any team spending less time actually tracking problems and more time spent solving them. And the sooner these are solved, the sooner the app will be released and everything will become profitable.

BugRocket.com In Their Own Words

Simple bug tracking for small teams.

Why BugRocket.com It Might Be A Killer

Small teams and startup companies will love the lightning-fast way it will let them track problems and have them solved.

Some Questions About BugRocket.com

Can it really compete with paid bug-tracking applications? BugRocket.com