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BuddyMeeting.comBuddy Meeting is a simple platform for meeting up with others online, and collaborate either on personal or professional projects. On Buddy Meeting, you can gather together your work study team and exchange notes on the spot with the same speed and directness that you can work as one with your colleagues.


Of course, friends that just want to shoot the breeze can also use Buddy Meeting. They will all be in the same page within seconds, and then they are going to talk one-to-one. And if they are in the mood for it, they can then schedule a group activity for later on.

Buddy Meeting is a free application. All the features are available from the word go, and there are no fees to be paid either when you sign up or when you become a regular user of the service. Meetings are created, promoted and joined by others at no cost. All a person needs to join in an existing conversation is having the unique ID and the password that are associated with each meeting. In Their Own Words

Use BuddyMeeting to schedule meetings, do online training, meet friends, desktop sharing, business presentations, share ideas, view your buddies over webcam and talk over VOIP.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to collaborate with your friends and peers. Joining the site costs nothing, and neither does using it.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the overall interface become more refined?


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