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Bublaa.comBublaa stands as a social toolbox that basically enables people to share and collaborate on mostly anything. The way the site works, its users can create bubbles about whatever that they want to discuss with others, and as more and more people become involved in what is being discussed then these bubbles will begin swelling up. In this way, people who are new to the site (or who are coming back to it after a while) can know at once which topics are attracting the most attention.


It is important to mention that bubbles can be kept both public and private. Bubblers (the name that is given to users of the site) are the ones who set that down. In practice, such a feature turns the site into a great framework for personalized discussions. Bubblers will be able to determine where or when host a party, or which birthday present they should get for a common friend.

Registration to Bublaa comes at no cost. Accounts are created by supplying some basic personal information, and by uploading a picture to be used as part of your profile. And it is always possible to authenticate who you are via Facebook, too. In Their Own Words

Bublaa is a completely new kind of a social toolbox, that allows us all to easily and safely collaborate around, well, anything!

Write fan fiction, show the biggest catch of the day, talk about the latest episode of your favourite TV show – join your fellow bubblers today!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site lets anybody discuss and collaborate on whatever he wants, with those he feels like interacting with most.

Some Questions About

What else can the site be used for?


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