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BrowserShots.orgIf you are into web design, a site like BrowserShots can turn out to be quite useful. It is not that the service which it renders is revolutionary or anything like that, it is just that what it does is incredibly practical and (above all) time-saving in itself.


Essentially, what it will let you do is see how a site would be displayed in different browsers. That spans every major OS currently available, and you will be capable of visualizing the site in both Windows and Mac browsers along with the ones inherent to Linux. Even BSD is supported, so that calling the site an expansive one is not inaccurate. That is all the more true if we bear in mind that all the different versions of each browser are actually supported. For example, Internet Explorer goes all the way back to 4.0.

From what has just been said I think it’s safe to assume people who are engaged into web design can but like the site. If you are such a professional, keeping it in mind can eventually help you speed the way you work. And that is certainly desirable. In Their Own Words

“See how your website works & looks in all browsers/OSs. Free trial!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let those who are into web design have a more immediate appreciation of cross browser compatibility.

Some Questions About

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