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BrowseForACause.comIt will be nice to see sites like this one become commonplace. Browse For A Cause will let you support a charity of your choice in an entirely uncomplicated way.


All you have to do is download and install a Firefox add-on and from that point onwards whenever you shop online a set amount is donated to that charity.

That is made possible because a sizable number of online retailers such as Amazon have an affiliate program whereby a certain percentage for every sale is returned to partners. That percentage is what is donated through Browse For A Cause.

A system like this one stands as the most natural way for anybody to provide his assistance, as it will let him lend a hand without having to change his browsing behavior in any way, or fill out lengthy forms out. All it takes is procuring the add-on, and that is done in a mere couple of clicks.

Featured charities include Amnesty International, Malaria No More and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Also, note that it is possible not to pick a specific charity from the list and have the money distributed in equal measure to all charities that are supported. In Their Own Words

“Browse For A Cause is a service which allows you to support your favorite charity by browsing the internet. After adding the browser add-on, a percentage of your online purchases are donated to support the charity of your choice on your behalf – you don’t have to remember anything, fill out any forms, donate money, or change your browsing behavior in any way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site plays out a very noble role, and the implementation turns it into a real winner.

Some Questions About

Will more charities be added to the list?


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