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BrowseEmAll.comThis new service promises “rapid cross-browser” testing, and that’s exactly what it delivers. On you can test any site or web app you’ve created on the latest version of all the most important web browsers currently available, and run everything straight from your local machine. You’ll be able to compare DOM and CSS styles on as many different browsers as you want, and plug-ins such as Flash are fully supported.


Plus, you’ll get to test what you’ve created on mobile phones. You’ll realize how your site or app renders on an iPhone or an iPad by using the provided simulator. This lets you zoom in and out of your site/app at will, and also to test portrait and landscape modes.

All in all, BrowseEmAll can run up to 16 different web browsers on your local machine. That’s more than some of its competitor can run. And pricing’s kept within everybody’s reach, too.

A standard license costs $57, and a professional license can be bought for $107. The standard license lets you test what you’ve built on all major browsers, while the pro license is the one that adds support for mobile browsers. And it must be pointed out that both iOS and Android simulators are available. In Their Own Words

Rapid cross-browser testing.

Some Questions About

Will people really pick it over higher-status services such as Browserling, CrossBrowserTesting or Browsera?


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