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BrieFix.comA new platform that is going to make the lives of designers infinitely easier, BrieFix enables them to get briefs from their clients in a way as fast and immediate as anything that works online. And in addition to being remarkable for its swiftness, the whole system is singled out by its accuracy – the briefs designers can get by using this service are always both detailed and complete.


BrieFix is suitable for the design of just anything, and briefs for logos, websites, banners and brochures can be assembled in an equally smooth way. That is a collaborative process, actually, and when using BrieFix the designer is working along with the client in order to have everything fall into the right place the first time around. And since the collaboration process is a visual one, then that is made all the more easy for everybody – the designer and his client will be on the same page, adding and taking elements away from the brief. At the end of it all, the designer will have a perfect understanding of what the client expects him to do. In Their Own Words

BrieFix makes the briefing process easier and fun! Track brief completion level in real time, get notified when the brief is done, output to PDF and manage your projects easily.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it will give designers a perfect understanding of what clients want from them.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost? Can you try it for free?


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