– A Tool For Designers That Lets You Edit What You See

Incredible as it might seem, there’s more than a good couple of design tools out there that hinder your creativity. That is, they let you get your job done only if you’re willing to play by their rules and adapt your ideas to the templates they come with. That’s a price not everybody is ready to pay, of course. In this day and age, to expect technology to adapt to our needs is anything but far-fetched. It’s not like it was years ago, when the only way to get some things done was by adapting to the software and hardware that were available. No, today we have the right to expect applications to be both flexible and intuitive to use. And when it comes to doing design work without having to make major artistic compromises, then Breezi is the kind of app that shows you how it’s done.


Breezi is a tool for the creation of websites that has been built with one clear aim in mind: to respect the natural way in which a design process has to flow. If you use this service, then you’ll be able to get your designs ready by using a large number of grid-based wireframe options as starting points. That is, you won’t be limited to two or three basic templates only. You’ll get to do it in the way that you find more natural. And on Breezi, operations are handled using a set of granular controls that let you do your job without having to resort to either CSS or HTML. You can put your designs together in a jiffy, and make as many changes down the road as you need equally fast.

And when it comes to managing your content, then you do that by using a series of modular applications. These can be resized and moved across the screen, and placed in the position that would let you manage everything more logically.


That’s the big thing about Breezi – how it makes for a user experience which is smooth-flowing and natural, instead of one that’s mechanical and removed. Chris Anderson (one of the site’s founders) expressly mentioned that when I interviewed him for this post. He told me, “our whole philosophy is removing abstraction, by giving one simple visual interface through which you can design and manage your site as you’re viewing it”. And that’s exactly it. Breezi lets you edit what you see. You’re able to change the way any element looks just by clicking on it, and moving a couple of sliders around.


Breezi is free for those who sign up for the service between now and the end of April. Lots of improvements are already planned, and these will include bulk style editing, an even larger number of available starting points for designs, and a more refined overall interface.