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BraintrustHQ.comI wouldn’t say that unproductive meetings are the norm when we are talking about distributed workforces, but they certainly are commonplace. That is, collaborating over conference calls and lengthy emails is no substitute for meeting face to face, interexchanging ideas and articulating solutions.


The time it actually takes to coordinate everything online more than doubles the time than it takes to get things sorted in person.

Braintrust is a site that attempts to shorten these distances, and make arranging things online take not a single second more than arranging them personally. The team behind it actually terms it a social collaboration tool. It lets people who are part of a team share ideas among themselves along with files of every kind, all the while engaging in discussions about how to improve this or modify that. As a platform, Braintrust is entirely private – IE, only members of the team can take part of any conversation. And even if the whole team is not being part of it, they will still remain updated via email digests that will be periodically put their way.

You can give Braintrust a try for free – just sign up for the account named “Tiny” and you will get something of an idea how of what to expect. If you happen to like it, you can then go for any of the four paid plans that are available. In Their Own Words

“Braintrust is the social collaboration tool that can help your team communicate and collaborate effectively.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a tool, it facilitates the unhindered exchange of information between members of teams that might be located at either side of the same country. And it is very intuitive to use, too.

Some Questions About

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