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Boxoh.comI will never forget my early days as an eBayer, and how I eagerly waited for the rare records and CDs I bought to arrive on the mail. And now that I come across a service like Boxoh I can but imagine how easier everything would have been back then if I had had access to it.


It is not that the packages would have arrived faster or anything like that, it is just that I would have always kept my expectations on a more reasonable level. Because this site makes for tracking packages sent by all major carriers by launching a simple search. All you have to do is input the tracking number and then you will figure out where any package that is coming your way through UPS, FedeEx, USPS or DHL is exactly located at any moment in time.

It goes without saying that the actual search results include a map for you to have an immediate visual representation of where your package is located. That map will also let you make an estimation of how long your package still has got to go. In Their Own Words

“Boxoh can track your USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL/Airborne packages.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give you an immediate representation of where any package that you are eagerly waiting for is exactly situated. Useful for collectors who just can’t deal with the anxiety of waiting for that unique item they have procured by hook or by crook to arrive.

Some Questions About

In which ways could this service be further expanded?


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