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BookmarkReminder.comBookmarking sites and never checking them back again is something really commonplace. And before we know, we have a bulging bookmarks folder sitting on our browsers, made up of URLs we just have no idea what they are all about.


Enter Bookmark Reminder. This is a service that makes for having something of a more direct connection with all these sites that you have ever added to your collection of bookmarks. As its name suggests, it can deliver timely notifications reminding you how long it has been ever since you last checked any site that is in your bookmarks.

This can be used in two main scenarios, namely being reminded about checking sites that are utterly new to you once they have been bookmarked, and also not forgetting to check these sites that you visit with some frequency already, but that for one reason or the other you have not been checking recently. The service works in exactly the same way in both cases, and nothing has to be paid. The sites will be displayed within a bar of its own, showcasing how long it has been since you last visited them. In Their Own Words

Bookmark Reminder was started on 2011 February 24, and it is a hobby project at present. Its author developed the tool for himself first and uses it regularly. The main idea was to create a tool that is maintaining the date and time of the last visit of a webpage, a blog, or forum topic, in order to ease the regular reading of the new entries and contents on the original webpage. Now it is also possible to set a reminder interval for websites that you would like to visit regularly but rarely, so from now you will never forget that you want to check such, if you use the service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you tidy up your collection of bookmarks, and check these sites that are worth it as frequently as you should.

Some Questions About

How many sites can you have monitored like this?


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