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BookD.comAs a service provider, you are always looking for the most efficient way to give your customers the chance to perform online bookings without them needing to have an extraordinary technological skill or proficiency. In essence, you want your site’s booking service to be used by anybody in a simple way.


In addition to this you really do not want your clients to install any new software in order to do that.

You might be on the right spot because Book’d aims to be more than just a website for your services, but also a powerful solution that will give you the chance to manage all your bookings in a totally uncomplicated way. In addition to these benefits, the system allows you to send online invoices, and you can also track the data you need about your customer right away.

The most relevant features made available by the service include the possibility to create your online website describing all the services you provide with their corresponding pricing, as well as the chance to share your data with others accepting online bookings and payments. By way of conclusion, if finding a new way to improve the way your company works online is what you need, will be a good site for you to drop by. In Their Own Words

“Book’d helps businesses and organizations of all sizes promote and book their services. We believe that online booking should be simple and enjoyable. Whether it is scheduling a hair cut or reserving a piece of equipment for your next project, we believe that online booking should be as easy as buying a book online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it is simple enough to be used by all kind of users and it provides a simple service that improves the interaction between customers and providers.

Some Questions About

Are there any other services going to be implemented by this site in the near future? What developments are forthcoming?


Author : Paul Barker

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