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BoardSuiteCorp.comBoard Suite aims to present itself as an updated (and more transparent) alternative to board portals. It is a browser-hosted solution that can be used for free to begin with, and that will give directors, advisors and officers access to all the documents that they need for the management of any company’s daily activities.


Board Suite can be used both for the governance of public and private organizations, and those in charge of non-profits will also maximize such a platform. As it was already mentioned, Board Suite can initially be used for free. But there is also a paid version of the service that will give you access to a series of services that will make everything smoother. They are “Board Suite Disclosure”, “Board Suite Governance” and “Board Suite Risk”.

In any case, the free incarnation of Board Suite comes with support for an unlimited number of users and documents. It also supports an unlimited number of activities. In that sense, it will give you an unerring impression of what Board Suite can do for you and your organization. In Their Own Words

“BoardSuite is the solution for transparent management of the end-to-end governance cycle for directors, officers and advisors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fully-featured solution that will let both public and private organizations project a more transparent image.

Some Questions About

In which ways are the limitations of the free service felt more markedly?


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