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Bittle-Solutions.comBittle is a free application that can be used to keep track of business activity. Users of this browser-based app can define the metrics that they would like to follow, and then load the raw data that will be used by Bittle to make the relevant calculations.


These will be displayed on a visually-appealing dashboard, and the user will actually be able to analyze them in as much detail as he wants just by tweaking some parameters. He will be able to focus on specific time periods or events that he perceives have had an effect on his line of business.

The raw data itself can actually be taken from lots of different applications – CSV, Excel and XML files are all supported to the same extent. And Bittle is also a multi-browser application. It currently works on IE 7, Firefox and Chrome, and it can perform the same operations in all of them equally well. In Their Own Words

Online dashboards and reporting software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Business users will find it incredibly practical – they will get to analyze their performance as minutely as they might need.

Some Questions About

What else can Bittle analyze? Which other uses have been planned?


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