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If you have anything to do with some website, you may come across the need to include a banner in it. This is not something that simple users can do, because some notion of graphic design programs is required.

However, comes to solve this problem for people who don’t know how to use Photoshop, which is the main program used for designing banners, or other similar ones (GIMP, an open source free software may be one of them). This site is at the same time a web app to create your banners, and can be used directly with your web browser.

You can create the flash banner you like with no designing or programming experience. When you visit the site you will see a big blue button which reads “Create Banner Now!”. By clicking on it you will directly get to a control panel to choose the main format, such as the measures and colours of the banner you’ll make.

The files you create using Bannernow will be in “.swf” format, which is the ready to use extension for graphics. So you’ll be able to e-mail them and share them in many different ways.

Some other features are also available, as for example a free collection of icons and fonts to use in your design. If you want to add your own images, you can upload them as well without any problem, and make them a part of your new banner. Also, you get a tool for previewing the appearance of your banner before publishing.

Some training, I think, will be needed before you make a definitive design. As with many programs, you’ll need to get used to the main tools, but after some time you’ll be a master at it for sure. In Their Own Words

The most powerfull banner creator you’ve ever seen!


Author : Charly Zaks

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