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BagelHint.comTesting the usability of web and app designs is quick and simple when using a platform like BagelHint. This site lets you know what people think about any app or site that you’ve created by conducting a series of online tests that focus on specific usability aspects. BagelHint lets you quickly know what people like or dislike, what they remember the most about your site or app, and why do they click where they click. You can actually ask an unlimited number of questions, and upload either full mockups or capture live sets. In any case, you can always preview the tests you have created before making them public. And tests can be shared both on Facebook and Twitter, so getting people to do them shouldn’t be a problem.


There’s two versions of this service. The one named “Landlubber” is free but limited to just one survey and five results, and the one called “Captain” gives you unlimited everything for $9 per month. It also lets you brand your surveys, so that people who come across them on social sites can instantly know who’s behind them, and exactly what to expect from the sites and apps they’re being asked to test. In Their Own Words

Online usability testing.

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