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Backlinkcheck.comGetting backlinks and preserving them is the one challenge webmasters are always up to. And as long as there are applications like Backlinkcheck around, such a challenge is one they are going to face much better-equipped than they would by any other means.


As its name suggests, this is an application that can be used to check the status and availability of backlinks. This can be used in two ways, as webmasters can check both their sites and the ones that they are competing with. In the first case, they will get to monitor the health of these links they have managed to amass up to that point. In the second, they will easily get to realize which links their competitors have managed to scoop up, and start working on trying to get the very same links themselves.

The service is free in all cases, and there is no software to install in your computer. It all takes place on the browser, and it all takes place at a truly respectable speed too. In Their Own Words

The free webmaster tool for checking backlinks.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any webmaster know about these sites that have stopped linking to them right as that has happened, and do something about it before things go any further.

Some Questions About

Can it check multiple URLs at the same time?


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