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Assistly.comAssistly is a customer support platform that can be used by businesses of every size. All the processes connected with dealing with queries and requests can be unified through it, until the productivity of the whole company is bolstered along with its image.


Assistly will let you keep a full record of each customer’s buying history, and have it integrated with your corporate data. Whenever a customer calls to complain or request assistance, the one taking the call will know exactly who the person is and in which ways he is connected with the company. And the ones in your support team will be able to apply business rules, filters and macros in order to arrive at the best possible answer for each query.

Additionally, something as vital as keeping track of what is being said on Twitter and the Social Web on the whole can be done through Assistly. If someone says something about your company that is a source of pride, you can thank him and look like the most courteous company ever. And if someone says something disparaging, you can show that you are listening and that you care about the way your customers feel. In Their Own Words

“Customer support made smarter, easier & more affordable.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Customer support should never be an afterthought. A platform as elastic as this one will let you ensure you will always have all your bases covered.

Some Questions About

Which plans are there for you to choose from? Can you try Assistly for free if you want?


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