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AskMyBrainTrust.comCollaborating with others is difficult even over a platform like the Internet that makes for instant connectivity. I seem to think that something which factors heavily is actually who is sitting at the other end of the screen, IE the ones that you are collaborating with.


If that is an individual or individuals in whom you can place your trust the whole process is more dynamic and ultimately more enriching for everybody.

This new communication tool makes room for that. It lets you collaborate with the ones you trust only by making your sessions private, and features like threading the conversation for even easier reference are actively provided. For its part, ideas can be voted and approved/vetoed easily until a consensus is reached.

A service like this one lends itself not only to corporate uses such as collaborating with stakeholders and investors, but it can actually be employed by family members and even friends that are looking for a space in which they can confide securely, away from prying eyes.

A free trial can be started in any case, and you will be able to test the system for as long as 30 days before upgrading to a paid account. There are three to have your pick from, and the key difference lies in the name of advisers that are supported – from 6 to as much as 36. In Their Own Words

“Group discussions and brainstorming without messy e-mails.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a robust platform for collaborating with others and debate ideas until a true agreement is arrived at.

Some Questions About

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