– Would You like to Improve Your Typing Speed

  • August 16, 2012

There are very few jobs that do not require an individual to know how to type. Quite often the faster that individual is at typing, or the more proficient they are the more likelihood exist that they will be able to find employment. For that reason many individuals are trying to improve their typing skills. The website is designed to help people looking to get better in this skill. Their motto says it all, “The Right Place to Touch Type, and Improve Your Speed “.

The courses that are offered at are free, and individuals are encouraged to create their own account. This account will allow them to keep track of their progress, and focus their attention on areas in which they need to progress. The instruction offered on this site is basically broken down into two sections. One section is a typing tutor. The idea of this tutor is to help visitors to the site who have very little or no experience using a keyboard. You are able to select the style of keyboard that you are going to be using, in order to make sure that the lessons that you are learning are appropriate for you.

The second type of course that is offered at is a speed test. Now these tests are designed to serve two functions. One is to allow a person to test how fast they can currently type, and the other is to help those who already know how to type increase their speed and accuracy. To this and there are certain games that are included on this webpage that are designed to challenge you and help you get better. The creators of the site are always looking to develop it and for that reason they welcome feedback and input from those who use their webpage.

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