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AppThemes.comThis is a company that specializes in premium WordPress themes. These stand as a true alternative to business software that is more complex to understand, and that is far, far more expensive. AppThemes will let just any emerging businessman save on setup costs, and still be able to provide customers with services that the ones who have access to the best applications available can provide. And businessmen who have been around for a long time will be able to cut on costs more than considerably by going for the services of a company like AppThemes.


Currently, three different themes are available, and they cost $ 99 each. They are Clipper (for the management of coupons) ClassiPress (for the posting of classified ads) and JobRoller (for the listing of jobs). And two more are going to be released soon: Vantage and Sage (a business directory and a how-to app, respectively)

All of the provided themes are extremely user-friendly, and they come with custom option panels for making them suit the exact needs of your company. And if you buy any of these apps, you will become part of a worldwide community of users whose collective requests are always met by the AppThemes team. In Their Own Words

Premium WordPress themes.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The different themes which are made available on the site stand as a cost-effective alternative to the software applications that are used by large companies and organizations to get the same job done. And they are less complicated from a technical point of view.

Some Questions About

Which other themes are mean to be released next?


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